Don’t Judge This Photo Until You Try It (Promise)

ImageOkay, okay if you have even gotten to this point of reading then you are trusting me so far…I know this looks pretty nasty.  But it is DELICIOUS.  Probably not the liner to open a conversation about a recipe I want you to try 🙂  The main ingredients in this recipe are spaghetti squash, chicken (I throw some mango rub on it), spinach, avocados, and lemon juice.  I got this recipe from my favorite paleo blogger Julia from  I would HIGHLY suggest you check her out.  With that being said take my word on this and give it a try.  My cousin begs me to make it…although I haven’t gotten my son on board with it yet.  He is 4, it is green, he freaks out.  He did try a bite of the chicken, I will take that.  Here is the link to the recipe and if you make it please let me know your thoughts!  I would eat this everyday I swear.  Thanks for reading, happy cooking!!

PaleOMG – Paleo Recipes – Creamy Avocado and Spinach Chicken Pasta