Letter to My Father’s Mistress- A.K.A. CUNT


 I know you and my father have had a close “friendship” for years.  

Do you remember around 15 years ago when my mom was out of town, and you were repeatedly calling my parents house late at night?  Every time I answered, you would hang up.  Well that is because you thought I was my mom answering.  At 15 I knew exactly what the fuck was going on.

 You are obnoxious, pathetic and I have always thought this about you.  Who gets a boob job and then goes into a married man’s business to show off her new fun bags?  A woman who craves attention and being wanted from the most off limit source: a married man.  

Here we are 15 years later and now I am VERY aware of what the fuck is going on here.  I know things about you that I doubt you even know about yourself.  I know that you are aware of the letter my mother received.  Anonymously sent to her telling her my father was having an affair.   Typed with no return address.  That letter wasn’t to help my mom out.  That wasn’t the kind of letter someone sends someone when you sincerely feel bad for them, and are trying to offer up information to spare her from future heartbreak.  No, that was a letter to hurt.  Fortunately it didn’t.  You know what I think?  I think you sent that letter to try to stir shit up. I would say from your history with men, that you are used to getting what you want.  The decrease in attention from him must suck huh?  That’s what happens when you fuck with a married man.

Isn’t your usual M.O. older men who are unattractive but make up for it with their loaded bank accounts?   Pretty sure one of those men ponied up the cash for those new boobs you bought.   Well my dad is good looking for an older man, but he funnels his money into real estate, and his grandchild’s college fund.  I can assure you no matter how sexy you try to be, he will never pay for your house, buy you a car, pay for a face lift, or..what is that new procedure older women are getting?  Vaginal rejuvenation?  Yes, I believe that is it.  Ironically he hates boob jobs.  Although he is a feeling sparer, I am sure he told you he loved them.

You need to check your ass and back the fuck up.  I don’t care what kind of a “relationship” you have with my dad.  My dad isn’t your therapist, your shoulder to cry on, or your go-to person.  Find a  therapist, a girlfriend, a family member, a non-married man for comfort.  Back the fuck up and sever the contact.  I will be having a long talk with him about him doing the same.  It does take two to communicate after all.

I am sorry that you have had a string of fucked up relationships.  Perhaps instead of being a gold digger, or going after married men, you should ask yourself what you really want.  If you want someone to shower you with attention, and make you feel special (which is what you scream to me) then go find yourself a 22-year-old who will brag about his cougar girlfriend.

I think you know exactly what you are doing, and I definitely know exactly what you are doing.  You need to back the fuck up.  


The Daughter