A Little About Me

I am a mother to a beautiful four-year-old boy

I am obsessed with taking photos

I have over 14,000 images of my son

I have saved every single thing that my son has ever made

I guess that makes me  a hoarder of sorts

I can’t stand clutter (which is completely hypocritical toward with above statement)

I love coffee

I am basically an expert Lego Builder

I am super crafty

I am obsessed with repurposing anything, especially with spray paint

I am getting my master’s in occupational therapy

I am a single mom and enjoy it

I like to cook

I like to feed people

I have an extensive rock collection from every rock my son has ever found and deemed “special” for me

I talk A LOT

I hope to help parents with picky eaters get some good food into their child’s diet!




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