Asian Chicken Salad

I can’t claim credit for this salad.  I can claim credit that I made it and it tastes DELICIOUS.  A few notes before you click on the link to the recipe.  I got the recipe from Julia who has a website called  I freaking LOVE her.  I also LOVE LOVE her food.  Couple things, I don’t have a “submersion blender” I had to google that quick because around here I am rocking basics like spatulas.  The most impressive piece of cookware or appliance I own is the Ninja blender.  That was a hand-me-down from the parents.  They upgraded to a Vitamix or something.  The Ninja works just fine for me and is way better than the piece of crap blender I was using before.

Anyways about the recipe.  I bought the cabbage in a mixed bag. I’m lazy like that.  I don’t frankly have time to buy a ball of cabbage and then cut it up.  Nor do I have time to julienne carrots.  The bag had it all.  Simplify.

I was a little freaked out by the raw egg.  According to her site if the egg is free range it should be fine.  I went ahead and went with it. I haven’t gotten sick so I will assume she was right.  I blended it all up in the Ninja.  I cooked the chicken mixed it together with the dressing, cabbage mix, and put it in a metal bowl to cool off in the fridge.  Then I ate two bowls of it. Yum.   Here is a link to the recipe:  PaleOMG – Paleo Recipes – Asian Chicken Salad.



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