Fruit Smoothie-with hidden ingredients including avocado

What You Need: See ingredient sidebar for photos and WHY I use the ingredients I do

1-1/2 cups Fage Total Fat plain yogurt

1/2 Banana

5 Frozen Strawberries

Handfull of Frozen Blueberries

Quarter of an avocado

Coconut Milk Unsweetened-around a cup (I honestly just guestimate this.  If you want it thinner use more, thicker use less)

Throw it all in the blender, I use a Ninja blender, and a ninja it is.  It sounds like a straight team of ninjas coming through my kitchen, but it does make a damn good smoothie 🙂

*I use frozen fruit to make it icy

*I give him a straw because it is easier to drink and avoids a hot mess of a spill

* I Also sneak in 4 capsules of fish oil made for kids (has some citrus flavor)



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